This poem was written by Rev. John Sgro and read at the funeral service for Charlie on August 7, 2002.

My Shoes

My shoes are more than just a covering for my feet.
They only time they're off is at home, in my favorite seat.

Every place I go they are ready always on and laced.
On the farm they helped with all the problems I faced.

But once inside, off they would come, at home now I could rest.
That's really where I wanted to be, where I felt my best.

When I went for my treatments, yes, there they would be.
No time wasted, so I could go home to be with Dixie.

When I went away to receive some special care
Clothes on shoes on and even a comb went thru my hair.

For I knew at any time I would be going home with a ride
Where I could relax, kick my shoes off, and there abide.

It was near the new beginning, just a short while ago.
Before I passed over I heard the angels so.

Charlie, rid yourself of those shoes it's time for you to sever.
It's time to relax, get comfortable, you're going home to live forever.

See you on the other side.