I got happy again!


I got happy again!

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While Reed is visiting Grammy and Babbo this week, we took him to Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay. He had a wonderful morning, a middling lunch, and then a bit of a scary time on the helicopter. A réprise of the race cars cheered him up enormously. After the ride, he proudly announced, “I got happy again!”

Overall, it’s hard to imagine how $3 spent any other way could bring an equal amount of pleasure.

Words to live – and die – by

In its August 26, 2008 issue, the Christian Century reviewed Forrest Church’s book Love and Death: My Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow. It’s a brief review and the reviewer is anonymous, but we come away wanting to read the book, all the more because Church wrote it in the last months of his life after having been diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer. One quote from the book – characterized as Church’s mantra – stood out for me: “Do what you can, want what you have, and be who you are.” That quote is going on our refrigerator, along with this one, from an Amazon review:

Life is filled with danger. That’s just the way it is. Finally, the Titanic always hits the iceberg. Hence this simple, if imprudent bit of advice: Before it does, pick up the phone. Pick up the gauntlet. Do whatever it takes. Take a few chances. Dare to live before you die.

Throckirbys @ Bracco’s – Okoboji

We had a wonderful family weekend together on Lake Okoboji courtesy of Tom and Nyla. The weather was spectacular all weekend, the food was terrific – whether home-cooked or restaurant-served – and the company was simply the best. More photos, videos (!), and anecdotes to follow, but, as a teaser, here we are all together after enjoying a delicious lunch at Bracco’s restaurant on Sunday just before most of us departed.

California Wildfire

California Wildfire 2

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Returning from San Francisco to Milwaukee on July 3, as we were crossing over the Sierra Nevada about 30 minutes into the flight, we noticed dramatic smoke plumes to the north. The smoke is streaming east. Despite the dirty plane window and the limited photo quality (iPhone), the photo still offers dramatic testimony of the scale and impact of this fire.