Wednesday – Livinhac-Le-Haut to Figeac

The setting of our gîte as we left in the morning. There’s a lot of farming of produce for markets in this part of the valley of the Lot – thus the hoop houses. The proprietress of our gîte also has a small farm raising vegetables.

The church in Livinhac as we were leaving the town after buying sandwiches. 58 degrees F and drizzle.

Hills and fields on our way towards Figeac.

Chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The group from Alsace gathered in the sanctuary to sing:


Double rainbow over the Célé at Figeac after dinner Wednesday evening. 🙂

Because of rain and the accompanying mud, to say nothing of the 24-ish km route, we took paved roads (they run near the trails) whenever we could. Still, it was great to get to Figeac!

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