ABC News: Colin Powell on Iraq, Race, and Hurricane Relief

In a September 8 interview with ABC's Barbara Walters, Colin Powell said

US ‘can't do more for Darfur’

Shame on you, Dick Cheney! In talking with Jim Lehrer about the US role in advancing a settlement in the Darfur region of the Sudan, Cheney said:

It's a huge area. It's difficult to get at, but we have been actively involved. I am satisfied we are doing everything we can do.

Senators Barak Obama and Sam Brownback, just back from Sudan, think the US can do more. And Olympic gold medalist Joey Cheek has decided that he personally can and will do more.

Interfaith Calendar

Leave it to Google ... again! Wondering about the date of Ash Wednesday in 2006 (the first day of Lent), I googled "lent 2006". What popped up was a link to this calendar, which I am so glad to know about. The fact that it's an interfaith calendar with a worldwide perspective heightens my interest and underscores its usefulness.

Reed Charles Hirby

My day on Sunday started at 4:15 a.m. in Charlotte, NC. My flight arrangements called for travel from Charlotte through Chicago to Green Bay. Pat made the sensible suggestion that we should try to get to Madison to see the new baby.


I was sitting in the Alvarez Union at Davidson College about 9:15 this morning -- the keynote speaker had been introduced and was just getting into the meat of his topic: the heart of IT. My cellphone rang but I silenced it; it was Ben. A few seconds later it rang again and I silenced it again: it was Pat. It didn't take me long to figure out what was on their minds, so I slipped out of the meeting, listened to the message, and called Ben.

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