Wednesday – Livinhac-Le-Haut to Figeac

The setting of our gîte as we left in the morning. There’s a lot of farming of produce for markets in this part of the valley of the Lot – thus the hoop houses. The proprietress of our gîte also has a small farm raising vegetables.

The church in Livinhac as we were leaving the town after buying sandwiches. 58 degrees F and drizzle.

Hills and fields on our way towards Figeac.

Chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The group from Alsace gathered in the sanctuary to sing:


Double rainbow over the Célé at Figeac after dinner Wednesday evening. 🙂

Because of rain and the accompanying mud, to say nothing of the 24-ish km route, we took paved roads (they run near the trails) whenever we could. Still, it was great to get to Figeac!

Tuesday – Conques to Livinhac-Le-Haut

Highlights of a long stage featuring rain for the last two hours or so.

  1. Steep, long climb out of the valley of the Dourdou at Conques. About 45 minutes of climb. Equivalent of 90 floors or so.
  2. Beautiful view of Conques from the shrine to Sainte Foy (on the climb out, about 2/3 of the way up).
  3. I took photos of a couple of stained glass windows in the Refectory at Conques. They refer to St. Norbert, founder of the Premontrian Fathers, who manage the Abbey at Conques and, also, St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin.
  4. Beautiful hills and fields as we walked along out of the Valley of the Dourdou and into the valley of the Lot once again.
  5. Met a large group of Lutherans (20?) from Alsace, traveling with their pastor. Very friendly and included a couple of people who could speak English. They like to sing!
  6. Lovely contemporary stained glass windows at a wayside chapel we passed.
  7. Last couple of hours, we walked in the rain.